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Large Business

How can a large corporation with hundreds or thousands of employees engage more consistently with its client base whilst simultaneously hiring less staff?

PA Answer’s award-winning outsourced business support service can save you money and provide a range of business support solutions without compromising on the quality of service.

PA Answer can help you become more efficient, providing the services you need when you need them, ready to step in at a moment’s notice.


How do we do it?

PA Answer provides you with a small team of named professional PAs who are dedicated to your business, who are available at all times to deal with every telephone enquiry that you can’t, in a welcoming, expert and professional manner.

Your PA Answer PAs are like your own staff, but at a fraction of the cost.

What do we offer?

Protect your reputation with PA Answer’s Telephone Answering Service – no matter the size of your business, can you afford to miss opportunities? Complacency kills business. PA Answer ensures you never miss another call.

Overflow calls – even if your company has a dedicated department or staff members to deal with incoming calls, there will be busy periods when demand exceeds your resources and customers and clients are left frustrated.

Outsourced Customer Services department – improve the level of customer service offered by your company without committing to added staffing costs and demands such as sickness, holiday cover and staff training. PA Answer gives you access to fully-trained customer service experts who are on call to ensure your business is always able to offer a friendly voice to clients and customers.

Holiday, Event and Absence Cover – all PA Answer PAs are fully-trained and highly-skilled, allowing a seamless transition in the event of staff illness, absence or public holidays.

Telemarketing – telemarketing is a specialist skill which many companies can’t dedicate the relevant time or resources to. By outsourcing your telemarketing to PA Answer you are trusting this vital task to trained telemarketers who already know your company inside out, and will therefore represent it passionately and professionally.

Business Continuity – Is your business equipped to cope in an emergency? Or even a bout of staff sickness? It may be something as simple as a power cut, but your clients won’t know and may not understand why they can’t reach your business. PA Answer’s Business Continuity Plan has a range of solutions that will guarantee your business is open, and your stakeholders informed whatever the situation.

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