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There are more than 30,000 Independent Financial Advisors registered in the UK.

If you are one of those IFAs, you won’t want to waste all the hard work, effort and cost of marketing and attracting potential customers to your business in this hugely competitive market for the sake of a simple missed telephone call.

It's your call!

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What makes your IFA business stand out?

Thanks to PA Answer, you can boast exceptional customer service without shelling out for a customer service department. You can never miss a call without paying a full-time receptionist. In fact you can never miss a telephone call without paying even the equivalent of a very part time member of staff.

How much is just one client worth to your business? Thanks to PA Answer you will never lose business through a missed call again from as little as £10 a week.

At the IFA industry average £70-200 an hour, even one client a year for one hour pretty much assures that PA Answer pays for itself, but PA Answer adds much more value than that.

PA Answer is an award-winning company which specialises in adding value to your business, and helping you to grow within your existing budgets. When you are in meetings with clients, busy, on holiday, unwell or even playing a round of golf, your calls will be answered within three rings in your company name by one of your named PAs. If it’s really urgent, we can always patch your call through to a number of your choice.

When you consider that 70% of people won’t leave a voicemail message when they phone a business number, how much business are you missing out on?

PA Answer. We take the calls you can’t.

How can PA Answer help the Financial Services industry?

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  • Cost – in an incredibly competitive market PA Answer can help you to cut costs without compromising on the quality of your service
  • Never push business into the arms of your competitors – never miss another call
  • Give you more time to help clients make the most of their financial situation – PA Answer can answer your calls, manage your diary, deal with administration, even make outbound calls for you on things like payments, changes of details and renewal reminders.



PA Answer – It’s Your Call

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