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Are you a UK Distributor?

Are you taking good care of your customers? Every single time they call?

All distributors have one thing in common. You have to sell to somebody. And selling to the same person over and over again is far easier and more profitable than finding a whole new customer base every month.

Which means putting customer relationships, both new and existing, at the forefront of your business – it is vital to create a good impression and build a strong working relationship to take your distribution business into the future and beyond.

As an award-winning telephone answering and business support service, PA Answer exists to help you do just that. Take advantage of our extensive range of services and dedicated, friendly Virtual PAs to ensure your business always puts the customer first.

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What Can PA Answer Do For You?

Telephone Answering – you may take some of your business calls yourself, but to maximise potential opportunities you need to answer every call – especially as research shows that 70% of people won’t leave a message on voicemail. PA Answer can answer every call on your behalf to ensure every caller to your business is treated in a friendly, professional manner and doesn’t end up losing confidence or taking their business to a competitor.

Customer Service – Along with price and quality of products, consumer experience or customer service makes customers more likely to use your business again, as well as provide positive reviews. However, not every business is able to dedicate the appropriate time or resources to this vital aspect of business. PA Answer can ensure any customer dealing with your business always feels satisfied.

Order Processing – PA Answer can handle key business tasks such as taking and processing orders, processing payments securely or dealing with general enquiries and helping provide clarification to potential customers, even outside of traditional office hours.

24/7, Holiday and Event Cover – Is your business missing opportunities by not being available during periods of key business activity such as evening and weekends, or holiday periods? Your PA Answer PAs can make sure you never miss another call, even if you’re enjoying some hard-earned time off.

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