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An Award-Winning Outsourced Answering Service for the Corporate World

PA Answer is an award-winning outsourced telephone answering and business support service which could improve your organisation’s level of customer service whilst simultaneously streamlining your administration department and reducing your secretarial budgets.

How can a corporate outsourced answering service improve the level of customer service your organisation offers on a call-to-call basis?

PA Answer provide a professional answering service offered by a small team of highly-trained, friendly PAs who are dedicated to your account, who are experienced and expert in answering calls and providing a professional image for your organisation.

PA Answer Blog 17.10.12 ContingencyHow do we do it?

PA Answer’s core business strategy is the offering of an exceptionally high level of personal service whilst reducing our client’s costs. The opposite of call centre culture PA Answer instead operates with the same levels of professionalism, dedication and responsibility as your in-house staff.

PA Answer dedicates a small team of PAs to your account, and your PAs are always your PAs. They become as well known and trusted to your organisation as members of staff, except that because you only pay pay them while they are actually working, PA Answer can help you cut your administration budget without compromising on quality of service, in fact you may raise it.

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Freeing you up to concentrate on growing your business

How can a corporate outsourced answering service enhance your level of customer service AND cut your administration and secretarial budget?

You only pay PA Answer for the exact time your PAs are working. Your team of PA Answer PAs offer first class service on a pay-as-you-use basis, for services including;

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  • Professional call answering
  • Call patching
  • Messaging Service
  • Overflow calls
  • 24/7 Answering
  • Outbound Calling/Telemarketing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Administration & Support Services



PA Answer offers you the chance to provide a more comprehensive communications interface for your clients, making your business available 24/7 and cutting call waiting times by handling overflow calls in busy periods, without raising staffing costs exponentially

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  • Always portray a professional image to clients
  • Seamless transition in situations such as staff turnover, absence or holidays – top level service guaranteed without training costs and resources
  • Clients won’t even know you’re using an answering service – lower costs with no drawbacks on level of service
  • Fully utilise resources – allow all team members to focus fully on tasks and goals, removing distractions for you and your team while limiting the administration budget



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