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The number of IT companies in the UK is growing rapidly, with over 300,000 now operating across the country.

When competition is so fierce, make your business stand out in the technical age with good old-fashioned customer service. Even in the most technical sectors, your clients still appreciate and value being treated as a person, and are more likely to work with a company that is easy and pleasant to deal with.

But when budgets and margins are tight, can your business afford to commit full-time staff to always being available to clients, new and existing? Are you answering all your incoming calls or leaving them to voicemail?

7 out of every 10 callers to your business won’t leave a voicemail message when greeted by an answerphone. Can you afford to miss business opportunities?

PA Answer is an award winning telephone answering and business support service which exists to help your business…in any way we can.

It's your call!

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Grow your IT business

Not only can PA Answer help you find more clients, but can also help you grow and increase your business’ client capacity by taking responsibility for a range of key business services and giving you more time and resources to dedicate to what you do best, running your business.

Virtual PAs

Thanks to PA Answer your business can benefit from a professional multi-skilled team of Virtual PAs. We dedicate a small team of Virtual PAs to your business, who deal with any enquiries and provide all services to your business. You build a working relationship with your PAs and they become like a member of staff, but at a considerably lower cost.

How can we help you?

Telephone Answering

Never miss a call, never miss an opportunity

Customer Service

Ensure your business always takes great care of clients, dealing with general enquiries when you’re not available, making courtesy calls on your behalf or following up on appointments

Out of Hours Answering

Switch the phones over to us out of hours and let us take your calls for you. Anything urgent can be patched straight through to you


From invoicing to chasing late payments, we can take care of your credit control. We can also send out information on your behalf and manage your diary for you.

PA Answer guarantees that your business will never miss another call again!

And every call will be answered within three rings, in your company names, by one of your friendly and professional PA Answer PAs.

As so much more than a telephone answering service, PA Answer can add value to your business, at the same time as removing stress and lowering costs. Contact us today on 0300 800 0085 to see how we can help your IT business from just £10 per week