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Can your construction business afford to lose a thousand pounds a week?

Can you afford to spend £10 a week?

Two simple questions for the construction industry. But it has been reported that builders in the UK could be losing up to a £1000 every week because of unanswered telephone enquiries.

PA Answer, the award-winning telephone answering specialist has a solution.

PA Answer helps you turn missed calls into clients, customers and profits, from as little as £10 a week.

Can you justify, or afford to pay somebody to answer your phone 9 to 5 every day? How about those calls that come in out of office hours? In the modern world customers will call outside of normal business hours, and expect an answer. Can you afford to miss calls and lose business because potential clients don’t call during the hours you want to speak to them?

It's your call!

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Taking a call on site. Distracting? Dangerous? or both?

Trying to take a call while continuing to work on site might be tempting but it can end in disaster.

The other option of course is stop work while you take the call, slowing down the job and creating an unprofessional image. How many times have you shouted down the phone over construction noise?

Or you could just leave it, and risk the potential client you have earned through your great reputation slipping into the less capable hands of your competitor.

Switch off at home guilt-free

Do you allow yourself to turn your phone off and relax at home?

Or do you allow business calls to disrupt the time when you should be relaxing or enjoying time with your family?

PA Answer lets you switch off – your time is your time, PA Answer lets you enjoy it.

What PA Answer can do for you:

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  • Answer all the calls you miss – in your company name, in a friendly and efficient manner
  • Ensure your construction business is always presented in a professional manner
  • Patch through urgent calls or send messages via email, text or fax – always be kept in the loop without being constantly distracted
  • Provide high quality customer service when you don’t have the time
  • Help you to grow your business by providing first rate services as and when you need them – within your budget



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